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SEO for SaaS & Software Companies

A well crafted SEO campaign can be one of the best marketing investments for your SaaS business. Not only will it help you reach new audiences, but also reduce your overall customer acquisition costs.

The PixelJab team loves all things tech, and we especially enjoy working with tech related companies and entrepreneurs. We love to figure out creative ways to promote your service and take great pride in the results we get.

Why invest in SEO for you SaaS company?

Did we already mention lower custom acquisition costs? Granted, SEO is not as quick as some of the other marketing channels such as SEM or social media advertising, but it is one channel you really don’t want to ignore.

SEO will definitely be a slow process starting out. No point in sugarcoating the truth, but once the wheels start turning and the momentum builds up – you will thank your future-self for laying the right foundation for your business.

Reducing cost

I know, we're being repetitive. But lower costs! Also, SEO marketing costs are more predictable unlike PPC which depend on what others are bidding.

Barrier for Entry

Somebody is going to take the top spot on Google. It is a zero-sum game. If you start too late, it might be a while before you catch up.

Find what the customer wants

Parts of the SEO process such as content gap analysis will help you figure out what kind of content and messaging to push so as the attract your target demographic.

Improved User Experience

Not only will your business become more visible for customer-centric keywords, but in the process your website will become a lot more user friendly. Ease of navigation, quick loading times, responsive and mobile accessibility impact both SEO and UX likewise.

Improved Outreach

As part of the SEO campaign, we have to routinely reach out to bloggers and content creators in the industry. These relations can not only get you ranked quicker, but also lend attention and credibility to your brand.

Improved conversion rate

Consistent organic traffic that is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Pair that with split testing to figure out which content performs best for turning visitors into users.

The PixelJab Advantage: We Promise Results

Why hire PixelJab for you SaaS SEO Needs?

Interrupting people no longer works, we’re in the era of permission marketing. To win, we must figure out what our customers want and deliver it to them.

This is where we come in, we help you save time, money and resources when it comes to figuring out what content your audience seeks and how to get it in front of them.


Honest & transparent

A pillar to our longevity in the industry is our capacity to do the right thing by our clients and continuing to tell the truth. Some people hate the news we give them responding with anger and frustration. But those who love us for this honesty have always seen their return on investment.

We’ve been asked to work with terrible websites far too often. “Get me to page one” they say. From our experience, we know why it won’t fly and we’ll tell you. We have had competitors who come and tell you what you want to hear and take your money… they have not lasted.

We keep it simple

We’re good at distilling complex digital marketing concepts into easy to understand diagrams and explanations.

Crystal clear communications help you understand what we’re doing for you and ensure you understand what we are doing to deliver on our agreed goals.

We measure what matters

Facts and figures from measurable quantitative and qualitative data makes our work better.

The best decisions are made with evidence not conjecture and when making decisions in uncertainty, pushing forward with a mind on gathering data/evidence makes all future decisions better.

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