SEO For Wedding Photographers

Is your website bringing in constant stream of customers for your wedding photography business? Can’t seem to figure out why photographers who might not necessarily have better content that you seem to show up on the first page of Google?

Want more leads and gigs booked without lifting a finger by showing up when people search for photographers in your city or locality?

In this SEO guide, I will personally walk you through all the steps of my “Six Step SEO Framework“, that will not only rank your website, but also make your Google Business Listing show up at the top of search results. I am confident if you follow this guide, you will get ahead and you will be surprised why you didn’t do it sooner.

Don’t worry. It is not rocket science or voodoo. SEO is actually a pretty common-sense approach to building an online presence. You will understand as your read through this guide. Apart from the obvious benefits of ranking on top of Google, going through this process has other beneficial side effects as well:

  • Your website looks sharper, loads faster. Resulting in better conversion rate.
  • Each webpage has a specific goal and role to fulfill. This makes it easier for potential customers to understand your content and navigate through your website.
  • Monitoring all the data points and KPIs would allow you to make better business decisions in the long run.
  • You stand-out and appear more trustworthy, both to search engines and visitors on your website.


All this in addition to making client acquisition super simple and effective. So why not get started today? Yes? Awesome! Let’s start with understanding what the “six steps” are in my SEO Framework.

The Six step seo roadmap for wedding photographers